Ahlers deserves benefit of doubt

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Dear Editor, 

I was disappointed to read Don Morris'  letter regarding Gary Ahlers 

in Thursday's Monitor.  Aside from failing to distinguish between 

accusation and conviction, a fundamental principle of justice that 

one is innocent until and unless proven guilty, Morris also fails to 

honor an old American tradition, one especially respected in our 

West: Leaving behind any old errors or conflicts and starting afresh 

here with a clean slate. 

I am in no position to know whether the New Jersey accusations were 

valid or the result of malice or even professional jealousy. (Such things 

do happen.) Mr. Ahlers may have done wrong and learned from his 

mistakes or he may have disgustedly left behind corruption and 

malfeasance. What I do know is that there is evidence that he has 

been a good citizen in Los  Alamos. (Full disclosure: I served with 

Mr. Ahlers on the County Building Site Analysis Committee.) And I 

believe that is the proper basis for judging his suitability for office here. 

Terry Goldman
Los Alamos

Gary Ahlers a prominent leader with a proven track record

The community of Los Alamos needs people of the stature of a Gary Ahlers. He's known to be a great communicator, faithful church member and more so and faithful family man with impeccable values. I have had the priviledge to be Gary's friend for 9 yrs and he's taught me alot about family values and the benfits of being a true honest leader amongst his peers. His vote to be the next magistrate court judge would benefit the quality of life and the fair treatment to the people of Los Alamos.. Everyone deserves a second chance to excel in life, as history proves his case back in Jersey was not a valid one because he didn't do anything wrong. He has continued to win the hearts of many friends and families in the community of Los Alamos and the extended northern towns,Espanola Santa Fe etc.... On a basketball referee level which he also provides time away from his family to give a service back to the community, he is a true ambassador to the sport. Known to be fair to the youth who compete in high school sports, he applies the rules in a professional manner. I believe he can be the next best judge and I know he will do a phenomenal job..Good Luck Gary!

Fabian T.