Actions symptomatic of impotence felt by many in community

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It is ironic that Friday’s front page headlines carried two items of immense importance where the more important received less attention.
In the more important headline, “Council drafts a new vision statement,” reporter Kirsten Laskey listed the proposed vision statement along with10 new statement goals. Not addressed in either the vision statement or the 10 goals was any critical concern for the reasons behind the other headline item, “Weapons cache seized.”
Laskey’s article reminds me of a letter to the editor of Dec. 26, 2010, where citizen John Diennes wrote about the council’s “backwards” priorities observing that it marginalizes local citizens in the process of making its decisions. It also reminded me of Geoff Rodgers’ statement during the Sept. 12, 2010 LAGRI (Los Alamos Government Review Initiative) forum for potential councilors, where he addressed this same question, stating that he was a citizen first and a councilor second. I think Geoff has become the solitary voice for the ordinary citizen and was recently elected by the majority of marginalized citizens who feel unheard. At least that is why I voted for him.
The major headline about the seized weapons cache calls attention to what I would call “potential creative energy” or PCE. This is typically manifested by conditions such as depression, rage at leaders, low morale, suicide, frustration, anxiety and fear. The standoff between police and citizen Morse illustrates a symptomatic impotence felt by many in this community, who feel ignored or unheard by their leaders.

Eugene Kovalenko
Los Alamos Government Review Initiative, Inc.