09-26-10 Shelter report

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The Los Alamos Animal Shelter, 226 East Road, 662-8179, has a great selection of on-site adoptable pets; others are in foster care with loving, temporary homes.
All of our fully reconditioned adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, have their shots and are micro-chipped.
Be sure to check out links to our many pets at the Friends of the Shelter Web site: www.lafos.org. You can also volunteer or make a donation.  
Extended two-for-one sale in the cat room. Our overstock is your savings. Adopt one cuddly kitty and if you can find room in your home and heart, adopt a second pussycat free.
Arizona — Beautiful DSH Tabby with distinctive white  streak on nose. Calm and friendly.
Bryce — DLH buff-colored kitty with light blue-green eyes. Bryce is declawed and will need an indoor home.
Buckles—Young, friendly DSH gray kitty dropped off at shelter.
Dharma — Is a 9 year old spayed, female, DSH Tabby. She is healthy, gentle and well behaved.
Missy and Nala — Were surrendered together.  Could be adopted separately or together.  Missy is a 4 year old, spayed, female American Domestic Tabby.  Nala  is a 13 year old, spayed, female dilute Tortie.
Lloron — Polydactyl, neutered, male DH Tabby, part Maine Coon.
Chowder — A friendly, DLH dilute Tortie found roaming. She must have been someone’s pet, but no one has come to claim her.
Key — Is a declawed  10 year old, spayed female. She gets along with cats, gentle dogs, adults and gentle children.
Simba —  Is a large, 10 year old, mellow, neutered, male DLH, orange Tabby. No dogs, please.
Sapphire — Is a cream-gray female found roaming on Rover Boulevard.  
Louie — Is a young, neutered male acquired recently. He is quite the lover and would really appreciate you adopting Sapphire along with him.
Luke — Lovely gray cat with some cream markings. Has a very sweet meow. Found at East Park.
Muffy — DMH Calico with white, black and gold and a mix on the face that is very interesting.
Necko — Young, spayed female given for adoption when family moved out of the country. Shy, but can be coaxed out for attention.
Nutmeg — Adult, spayed, female kitty, a bit picky about feline friends. Gets along with gentle dogs, adults and gentle children. Doing OK in communal cat room.
Ollie — Is a sweet, gentle, spayed female black Lab mix, 5-7 years old. Housebroken, good with other dogs.
Puggles — Spayed, female black Pug mix. Very  friendly. Good with other dogs.
Wags — A neutered, male, tricolor Border Collie-mix. High energy. Good with other dogs.  Has been groomed to remove a lot of matted hair.
Cowboy — 7 year old tricolored neutered, male Aussie. Housebroken, loves walks, special needs. Absolutely no children. Call 412-3451.
Oreo— Is a 6 year old, spayed, female Border Collie mix. She is housebroken, affectionate and energetic. Good with other dogs.
In foster care and featured:  Unless otherwise noted, call 412-3451 to inquire about these fine pets.
Amelia is a friendly, DSH Tortoiseshell kitty. She is about 18 months old. To make an appointment with Amelia, please call 412-5255.
Harry is a 35-lb., 2 year old neutered male. His broken leg has healed and he’s been treated for heart worm and is doing great. He loves playing with dog friends and will do well in a home with another dog to help him develop confidence. Harry is housebroken and has all his required shots. 505-412-0254.
Lenny is a 9 month old, black and tan Tabby DSH, male kitty. Contact sitstaygooddog@earthlink.net.
Sasha was taken in by a neighbor. Her rabies shot is current, but the rest of her veterinary care and immunizations need updating. Call 662-8887 for more information.
Star is a 1 year old spayed female, abandoned when her owner moved. A loving cat, she retains her kittenish charm. Star is great with resident dogs. Contact 412-9747.
•  Lovely DSH yellow Tabby found starving on 45th Street. Enjoying food at the shelter. Ask for Tom.
• Two juvenile kittens found in the restroom at Overlook Park. Gray Tabby and Siamese mix.
• Two young cats found on San Ildefonso. Black/white and yellow Tabby. Ask for Biscuit and Gee.
• Young, black, short-hair, male dog with huge ears. Ask for Batman.
• Tiny terrier found in Pajarito  Acres. Ask for Scruffy.
County ordinance requires that a roaming animal be kept for 10 days waiting for owners to claim it.  After 10 days an animal becomes the property of the county.  
Please claim your pets promptly.