‘Kitten Kaboodle’ teaches value of pet adoption

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A house filled with adorable kittens may be appealing to some, but in terms of the animals’ welfare, adoption may be the best bet.
In the book by Santa Fe author Paige Grant, a father brings home a box full of kittens, he found abandoned in a ditch.
The daughter, Tessa is instantly enarmored with the litter and of course, wants to keep all of them. The mother objects but does agree to keep two — a calico female named Crazy Quilt or Quiltie and a black and white male named Maestro.
After a show and tell at school two classmates were allowed to adopt a kitten each — with the parents’ permission.
When it is time for the female to have kittens, the mother gives a lesson of how procreating cats may be a bad idea. It is a talk Tessa understands that spaying or neutering kittens is a necessary action.
The family agrees to become foster parents for various kittens left at the shelter, before they are put up for adoption and placed in forever homes, as long as Tessa agrees to clean the litter box.
“Kitten Caboodle” is a cute story of a little girl’s lesson in responsibility and the importance of pet adoption. The last two pages hold information of how to get involved with the local shelter, adopting and reduced fee or free ways to spay and neuter pets.